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Piazza Slack Bot

This bot will embed Piazza posts in Slack. Any of the following post reference formats can work:

  • Any Piazza URL that the bot account is a member of (embeds main post)
  • @<bot username> <post number>
  • @<post number>
  • @<post number>#<followup number>

Set the configuration values either through environment variables or manually in You'll want a Piazza account dedicated to the bot (the API is unofficial, so you have to provide your password in the config). The bot has to be a member of a Piazza to embed posts and it must be an instructor to show anonymous student names and private posts. You can add the bot account to any number of Piazzas, but @# and @piazza # only work for the course id set in the config.

This app should be ready to deploy on Heroku or Dokku; just set the environment variables, push, and you should be good to go.