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Detect the langugage of any piece of text — the text goes in and a language comes out. This is a Javascript port of the Compact Language Detector from Chromium.

Compactness is relative: cld.js is 1 MB minified and gzipped, 3 MB just minified and 9.6 MB in its original form.

Cld.js provides function detectLangugage(text) which returns the name of the language of the text.

To see an example:

  • In a browser, open "demo.html". For now, works only in Chrome and Firefox.

  • On Node.js, run "node demo-node.js".

Note that the porting may have caused degradation in the language detection! The library has not been much tested.

Origins and license

The library is extracted from the source code for Google's Chromium library:

The extracted version is based on the version extracted by Mike McCandless:

The LICENSE is the same as Chromium's LICENSE (which is used in the extracted version as well).


  1. Put Emscripten (or a link to it) into the folder "emscripten" and install all its requirements.

  2. Install uglify.js by running:

     npm uglify-js
  3. Run:

     cd src
     node minify.js

What was done

Main parts for getting the library to port to javascript:

  • The extracted source code of the library was first taken from:

  • "src/" was made based on the ""

  • "src/" was tuned to use Emscripten

  • "src/base/build_config.h" was tuned to hard-code os and architecture defines

  • "src/minify.js" and "src/assets/*.js" were added to compress the file, wrap it in a function and clean the code

Ideas for further work

  • Have a pretty API for getting the reliability of the detection and the language code in addition of the language name.

  • Make it compress under 1MB :).

  • Make some nice tweet or news article demo

  • Use the library for something

  • Create tests or port the original ones from Chromium


Compact Language Detector for Javascript. Detect the language of any piece of text.







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