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OpenBench LogicSniffer repository
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api Issue #152: replaced non-breaking space with a hair-space, as the for…
client.project Issue #170: do not overwrite labels through annotations.
client Fixed position where annotations were painted.
device.generic Refactored some method names in SwingComponentUtils.
device.logicsniffer Fixed compiler warnings.
device.test Refactored some method names in SwingComponentUtils.
eclipse Some small improvements.
export.csv Issue #167: fixed failing unit tests.
export.image Removed redundant import.
export.svg Minor naming update (use correct prefix).
export.vcd Massive cleanup of code; pushed more implementations down to private …
lib.mydoggy OSGi version of MyDoggy library; used for the new signal display comp…
logging Issue #173; add properties to control logging:
ols.distribution Updated site to reflect new 0.9.7 release.
runner New FileInstall uses other configuration properties for storing changes.
rxtx Issue #187: add separate profiles for Windows;
service.acquisition When a RLE-enabled capture was ongoing, the cancel acquisition didn't… Reviewed/removed some pending TODOs.
service.taskexecution Made tests a little more robust regarding the asynchronous nature of …
test.util Issue #167: fixed failing unit tests.
tool.1wire Using new Unit-API due to refactoring for issue #152.
tool.asm45 Refactored some method names in SwingComponentUtils.
tool.base Refactored some method names in SwingComponentUtils.
tool.dmx512 Issue #175: Add new "Idle level" option to UART decoder.
tool.i2c Using new Unit-API due to refactoring for issue #152.
tool.jtag Using new Unit-API due to refactoring for issue #152.
tool.linedecoder Using new Unit-API due to refactoring for issue #152.
tool.serialconsole Fixed compiler warnings.
tool.spi Issue #190: add new setting to user prefs.
tool.state Refactored some method names in SwingComponentUtils.
tool.uart Fixed compiler warnings.
util Fixed compiler warnings.
.gitignore Some cleanups. Added small build script for Eclipse.
ChangeLog Preparations for 0.9.5 release.
README Issue #172: readme mentions incorrect version of Maven. Major overhaul for the tools; simplified the API a bit and made it ea…
pom.xml Bumped version to snapshot.


OpenBench LogicSniffer repository

This is the public GIT repository for the OpenBench LogicSniffer (short name:
ols) written by J.W. Janssen.

For more information about this software, see <> and


In case you're interested in cloning this repository and compile it yourself,
you should do the following:

  $ git clone

For compiling the sources, you need to have at least a valid JDK (1.6+) and
Maven3 installed. For developing, I can recommend Eclipse as development

  $ cd ols/
  $ mvn clean install

After this, you should find the latest binary ZIP or tarball in


Developing for OLS can be done with any "modern" IDE, like Eclipse, Netbeans,
or even Emacs. Keep in mind that IDE-specific stuff is not committed to the
repository as this would clutter it unnecessarily.

Keep in mind that if you're going to use an IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans (or
whatever IDE you're preferring) that it should provide support for Maven3,
otherwise it most probably won't compile out of the box. In addition, you
probably want support for Git in your IDE as well. To create the needed project
files for, for example, Eclipse, you can use the following Maven command:

  $ mvn eclipse:eclipse

For other IDEs there are similar commands. See the Maven3 site for more details
on this.

Some notes for Eclipe: after importing the projects into your workspace, you
might need to enable Maven support by hand. Simply select all projects, right
click on them and choose "Enable Dependency Management" from the Maven menu
should be sufficient. For running the OLS client in Eclipse, you can make use
of the launch configurations found in the eclipse/ subdirectory of the OLS
repository. Also the code formatting rules and cleanup rules can be found

Drop me a line if you want to contribute code to the OLS repository, if needed
I can give you write-access to the GitHub or apply your patch.

-- J.W. Janssen, <j dot w dot janssen at>

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