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Embedded Artists e-paper via docker

This is a docker image for Embedded Artists' 2.7" e-paper that I use in conjunction with

Getting started with

Follow their instructions on creating a new application and git push the following Dockerfile to your device:

FROM jannis/embeddedartists-epaper

The display should blink a couple of times and display the current date and time (while the display is updated, a little red led on its back will turn on).

Plain docker

If you want to try it without resin, you'll need to enable SPI and sudo modprobe spi-bcm2835. Embedded Artists' instructions will tell you how. If you run:

$ sudo docker run --privileged jannis/embeddedartists-epaper

that should display the current date and time.


This docker image is based on resin/raspberrypi-python and

  • installs freetype fonts
  • installs pip and pillow
  • installs tmux and vim
  • clones embedded artists' gratis fork (drivers and examples)
  • starts your CMD (and displays embedded artists' clock demo if you don't supply one)

If you have questions or comments, open a github issue, a PR or reach me at @jannis