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Neural Caption Generator

  • Tensorflow implementation of "Show and Tell"
  • Borrowed some code and ideas from Andrej Karpathy's NeuralTalk.
  • You need flickr30k data (images and annotations)


  • : Extracting feats of flickr30k images, and save them in './data/feats.npy'
  • : TensorFlow Version


  • Flickr30k Dataset Download
  • Extract VGG Featues of Flicker30k images (
  • Train: run train() in
  • Test: run test() or test_tf() in
  • parameters: VGG FC7 feature of test image, trained model path
  • Once you download Tensorflow VGG Net (one of the links below), you don't need Caffe when testing.

Downloading data/trained model

  • Extraced FC7 data: download
  • This is used in train() function in You can skip feature extraction part by using this.
  • Pretrained model download
  • This is used in test() and test_tf() in If you do not have time for training, or if you just want to check out captioning, download and test the model.
  • Tensorflow VGG net download
  • This file is used in test_tf() in
  • Along with the files above, you might want to download flickr30k annotation data from link

alt tag


  • BSD license
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