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- Allow ints to be passed to plugin.url_for() and str() them.
- plugin.set_resolved_url() now takes an item dict instead of a URL. (The URL
is still allowed for backwards compatibility but is decprecated).
- Ability to replace the context menu items by setting 'replace_context_menu'
to True in an item dict.
- pluign.get_setting() now requires an extra paramter, *converter*, which
converts the item from XML to a python type specified by converter.
- Major bug fix to accomodate handles > 0 in XBMC Frodo.
- Auto-call plugin.finish(succeeded=False) if a view returns None.
- XBMC now decides the default player when using plugin.play_video().
- Storages now call sync() when clear() is called.
- Added plugin.clear_function_cache() which clears the storage behind the
@cached and @cached_route decorators.
- Add ability to set stream info for list items. Also, devs can now add
stream_info to item dicts.
- Added the actions module. Contains actions.background() and
actions.update_view() which are convenience wrappers for RunPlugin() and
- Allow passing of functions to url_for.
- 'properties' key in an item dict should now be a dictionary. A list of tuples
is still allowed for backwards compatibility.
- Addon user is now prompted and storage automatically cleared if it becomes
- Added subtitles support. A 'subtitles' parameter was added to
- xbmcswift2 URLs and routing code is now indifferent to a trailing slash.
- Bug fixes. See
Released on December 16th, 2012
* Bug fixes
Released on November 25th, 2012.
* Update usages of pickle to use cPickle if available.
* Allow settings to be specified as environment variables when running in CLI
mode. e.g. to set a username, the environment variable will be
* Add new keyboard helper method available on a plugin instance.
* Allow TTL to be specified as an arg to the cached_route decorator.
* Addon name, id and filepath are now no longer necessary for Plugin(). They
will be discovered automatically.
* Plugin() now creates the storage folder
* Plugin.set_info now supports different info types
* Sort methods can be passed as strings to plugin.finish()
* Plugin caching has been renamed to storage and now works properly
* Fix package data bug. `xbmcswift2 create` should work properly now.
* Initial release