LightFace MooTools-Based lightbox inspired by Facebook's lightbox.
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LightFace is a clone of FaceBook's modal dialog. LightFace offers numerous options to customize each modal instance. LightFace also provides utility classes specially designed to work with AJAX requests, IFrames, and images.


How to Use

LightFace instances can be created at any time. There are no arguments other than the instance options.

/* create LightFace instance */
var modal = new LightFace({
	width: 'auto',
	height: 400,
	draggable: true,
	title: 'Hello from LightFace!',
	content: '<p>This is the LightFace content!</p>',
	buttons: [
		{ title: 'Close', event: function() { this.close(); }, color: 'blue' }
	resetOnScroll: true
/* open when link is clicked */'launchModal').addEvent('click',function(e){

LightFace works great with static content, IFrames, AJAX Requests, tooltips, and images. LightFace also resizes and repositions when the window is resized or scrolled. Tested in IE7+, FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and iPad.

For specific usage and options, please read the documentation or visit