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Tools for assisting in building programming languages in Rust
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Sindra is a library for developing programming languages. It contains several useful structs, traits, methods and PEG rules for implementing new programming languages.


To use, add the following to your Cargo.toml:

sindra = "0.1"


See the piske programming language for an example of using sindra. Additionally, some of the more programming-language-generic functionality currently implemented in the piske codebase will eventually be moved into the sindra library for ease of reuse.


Sindra currently contains the following features:

  • PEG rules (using the additional functionality in the forked version of the peg crate here) for Rust-like integer, floating-point and string literal lexing.
  • Scope-handling traits and structures for managing scoped symbol tables and memory stores.
  • Type inference, promotion, and coercion traits and structs
  • Binary and unary operator traits
  • Framework for creation of an annotated heterogeneous abstract syntax tree
  • Logging structs for compiler error reporting

Future work

There are several features that are planned for future implementation, including:

  • Span handling (keeping track of the original location in the source file for abstract syntax tree nodes)
  • Struct / class scoping
  • Framework and tools for creating the typical interpreter and compiler binaries for a given language
  • A more unified and easy-to-understand type inteference / coercion / promotion system
  • Reusable implementation of common language features like infix / prefix expression handling
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