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The aim of this repository is to provide a template for the creation of new JBoss Community projects using Awestruct and Bootstrap. These are projects created and led by Red Hat who own the associated trademarks. To avoid unnecessary complexity and satisfy legal requirements users are kindly asked to observe the following:

  • This template should represent the majority view amongst users about the simplest and best way to create a website using Awestruct and Bootstrap (using LESS). It should strive to have the fewest dependencies and use the smallest number of template engines.

  • Changes to the L&F will be vetoed by the Visual Design Team to ensure they meet branding guidelines and are consistent with the JBoss Community brand.

  • Project logos and other trademarked images must be hosted at[project]/images.


Contents of this repository are available as open source software under Apache License Version 2.0.

System Requirements

  • Ruby 1.8.7 or above

  • RubyGems - 1.3.6 or above

  • Bundler - 1.3.5

  • GNU Wget 1.14

Getting Started

  1. Fork the repository

To use the template simply navigate to GitHub page and use Fork button to fork this repository into your own GitHub organization. Afterwards choose a tag from which you want to start your website development and create a development branch from it. Additionally, in GitHub repository settings tab you may want to rename your forked repository to follow your site name.

Note: The first part of the tag version number indicates the Bootstrap version the template is based on.

  1. Build the website

Run Awestruct in development mode from the top-level directory to build the website and host it using a local web server:

bundle exec awestruct -d

Note: The first time the site is built common JavaScript, font and image files will be downloaded from and cached into a local cache/ directory using wget. This then allows you to run the site locally rather than relying on a network connection. Since the cache download takes a considerable amount of time by default the wget command will run only once a day to prevent unrequired delays in build times. The time interval and other settings of this process can be configured in site.yml.

Tip: Use the --directory-prefix option of the wget: urls: property in _config/site.yml if you wish to use a different directory name. A .gitignore file is automatically created in this directory containing a * to prevent you adding cached files to GIT by mistake.

  1. View the website

Use a web browser to visit http://localhost:4242 where you can see the site.

  1. Add/edit web pages and layouts

Use a text editor to create/edit web pages and/or layouts. Use the bootstrap_css_url and bootstrap_js_url variables to ensure you refer to the locally built versions of the files in the development profile and the hosted versions in the staging and production profiles.

Note: Currently the template uses images from an example project. If you wish to use your own project images then you must upload them to[project]/images, edit project and project_images_url variables and edit the line in the wget: urls: property, all three settings can be found in _config/site.yml.

  1. Customize the theme

To use the theme simply reference the hosted bootstrap-community.css and bootstrap-community.js files on However if you wish to make project-specific changes then test them locally using the development profile and host the compiled css and js files in your project-specific staging/production domains. Update the bootstrap_css_url and bootstrap_js_url variables in the staging/production profiles to refer to them.

  1. Stage the website

Once you're happy with your website in development mode update the profiles: staging: base_url: property in _config/site.yml to point to your staging domain and run the bundle exec awestruct -P staging command to generate a version that can be uploaded for others to review.

  1. Publish the website

If everyone is happy with staging then update the profiles: production: base_url: property in _config/site.yml to point to your production domain and run the bundle exec awestruct -P production command to produce a version that can be uploaded for the public to view.


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