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An application to notify you when 311 requests are opened close to your house
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Get email notifications when 311 requests are opened near your house

nosyneighbor is intended to be run on a server. This can just be a computer on your home network that has access to the internet. This computer does not need to be accessible from outside your network.


  • Go 1.7 or later (will probably work with earlier versions, but untested)
  • A Google account and API key
  • A Mailgun account and API key

Note: this was built and tested on Linux, but no reason it shouldn't work on any other platform Go supports

Compiling and Running

  1. All dependencies are in the vendor folder, just go build
  2. Define the following environment variables:
    • NOSY_MAPS_KEY - the Google Maps API key (required)
    • NOSY_MAILGUN_PUBKEY - the public key for your Mailgun account (required)
    • NOSY_MAILGUN_PRIVKEY - the private key for your Mailgun account (required)
    • NOSY_MAILGUN_DOMAIN - the domain from which emails will be sent (must be a domain you've configured in Mailgun, required)
    • NOSY_RECIPIENT - the email address to send alert emails to (required)
    • NOSY_311_URL - the Socrata webservice that houses the 311 requests (ex (required)
    • NOSY_CHECK_INTERVAL - the time interval to check for new 311 requests. Accepts the format used by time.ParseDuration. Default is "10m" if not set
    • NOSY_HOME - your home address
  3. $ ./nosyneighbor
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