Object-Oriented oDesk Java SDK
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More details are here: odesk.jcabi.com

Set of classes in com.jcabi.odesk package is an object oriented API of Odesk:

import com.jcabi.odesk.RtOdesk;
import com.jcabi.odesk.Odesk;
public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Odesk odesk = new RtOdesk(
      key, // odesk application key
      secret, // odesk application secret code
      token, // OAuth access token
      tsecret // OAuth access token, secret part
    Team team = odesk.teams().team(/* team reference ID */);
    String ref = team.adjustments().add(
      "13369463", // contract number,
      new Cash.S("10.00"), // amount to be paid to the supplier
      new Cash.S("0.0"),
      "bonus payment for you dude", // comments
      "thanks for your good work, keep it up!" // notes


If you have any questions about the framework, or something doesn't work as expected, please submit an issue here.

How to contribute?

Fork the repository, make changes, submit a pull request. We promise to review your changes same day and apply to the master branch, if they look correct.

Please run Maven build before submitting a pull request:

$ mvn clean install -Pqulice