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If you've love for yourself and your team, right now this project isn't ready yet for production. different blocks of code need to be improved and some unused lines will be removed...

More content is coming soon... (the setup documentation, etc.)

Note: please, consider that it will not work without setting up a lot of things :)

Without the intention to be the replacement of PagerDuty or other services like it... here we go!

In few words

Through the Asterisk Rest Interface, Google TTS (gtts) and Twilio this set of scripts send a text message and/or place a call when the Prometheus Alertmanager calls the ''.

Also is possible send a text message (SMS) or place a call to a given phone number through '' and ''.

Within the main use case, you can configure the system to make 'n' number of calls in a given period of time (3 reties in 300 seconds is a good compromise...). During the call, the callee, is asked to press a number in order to acknowledge the message (by default the number '4'). When there's no acknowledgement, the system will retry the 'n' times in the given period of time.

What we need to make it work...

  • A Twilio account (used by send the SMS text messages)
  • A working Asterisk PBX with some trunk configured in order to place calls
  • A PostgreSQL (>= 9) instance
  • Run as a Systemd service or as containers (can be deployed in Kubernetes, with the Asterisk PBX outside of K8S)
  • A lot of patience

The main group of files

Needed to get it up and running

├── config/
│   └── caller_config.toml
├── local_utils/
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └── sms
│       │
│       └──
  • Last tree but not least

The files to be imported into the PostgreSQL server

psql -f the_file.sql ...

├── assets
│      ├── DB
│      │    ├── db-role.sql
│      │    └── db-schema.sql


Installation giude coming soon...

If you want to try with the experimental Kubernetes manifest, check this folder.

Also you can try the setup on Fedora Server 34 (also 35) following this guide


Set of Python scripts to make calls with the Asterisk PBX passing a phone number and the message text or through the Prometheus Alertmanager





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