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example separating out Preferences from main nib and using tabless view to switch between Preference sections
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Preferences Test

Mac OSX project that demonstrates how to use a separate nib and window controller for Preferences.

Interface Builder

Add a new window xib named "Preferences".


  • Add NSObject to document

    • 6 Class - PreferencesController
  • Main Menu -> Menu Item (Preferences)

    • 5 Sent Actions - PreferencesController -> showWindow:


  • File's Owner

    • 6 Class - PreferencesController (if not set, will not focus on load)
    • 5 window - this nib
  • Window

    • 5 window - File's Owner
  • NSTableView

    • 1 Highlight - Source List
    • 1 Empty - unchecked
    • 1 Headers - unchecked
    • 5 delegate - File's Owner: Preferences Controller
    • 5 data source - File's Owner: Preferences Controller
  • NSTableColumn

    • 1 Editable - unchecked
  • NSTabView (add pref panes to NSTabViewItem children)

    • 1 Style - tabless
    • 1 Default Tab - Twitter (or whatever your default tab should be)
  • NSTabViewItem (as many as you need, edit in NSTableView inspect)

    • 1 Title - rename each title to be more descriptive


  • Add PreferencesController
    • inherit NSWindowController
    • adopt NSTableViewDataSource, NSTableViewDelegate protocols
    • override -(id) init to initWithWindowNibName:@"Preferences"
    • when tableViewSelectionDidChange:, tell tabless NSTabView to switch to corresponding tab.
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