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release License: GPL v3

myMPD is a standalone and lightweight web-based MPD client. It's tuned for minimal resource usage and requires only very few dependencies. Therefore myMPD is ideal for raspberry pis and similar devices.

The backend is written in C and has no dependencies to external databases or webservers. The configuration is stored in plain text files and all the data is pulled on demand from MPD. The MPD database is the only source of truth for myMPD.

The frontend is mobile friendly, written as a PWA and offers on all devices the same functionality.

myMPD also integrates extended features like an advanced jukebox mode, timers, triggers and smart playlists. With the integrated lua interpreter myMPD functions can also be scripted.




To use all myMPD functions you should use the latest stable MPD version.


For information on installation and configuration, see the myMPD documentation


Please read the documentation before asking for help. Bugs should be reported through issues. For all other question and general feedback use the discussions.


myMPD is in active development. If you like myMPD, you can help to improve it (no programming skills are required).


2018-2023 Juergen Mang

myMPD was originally a fork of ympd, but it has evolved into a much more comprehensive MPD client.