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myMPD is a standalone and mobile friendly web mpdclient
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myMPD is a lightweight MPD web client that runs without a dedicated webserver or interpreter. It's tuned for minimal resource usage and requires only very little dependencies.

myMPD is a fork of ympd ( This fork provides a reworked ui based on Bootstrap 4, a modernized backend and many new features while having the same small footprint as ympd.

Design principles:

  • Keep it small and simple
  • Uses only mpd as source of truth
  • Mobile first UI
  • Keep security in mind


  • Control mpd functions (play, pause, etc.)
  • Set mpd settings (repeat, random, etc.)
  • Browse mpd database by tags
  • Browse filesystem and playlists
  • Bookmarks for directories
  • Queue management
  • Playlist management
  • Advanced search (requires mpd >= 0.21.x and libmpdclient >= 2.17)
  • Jukebox mode (add's random songs / albums from database or playlists to queue)
  • AutoPlay - add song to (empty) queue and mpd starts playing
  • Smart playlists and saved searches
  • Play statistics and song voting (requires mpd stickers)
  • Local coverart support (Albums and Streams)
  • HTTP stream support
  • Local playback of mpd http stream (html5 audio api)
  • Progressiv Web App enabled
  • Embedded Webserver (mongoose)
  • Docker support (experimental)

myMPD is work in progress. Bugreportes and feature requests are very welcome.



UI Components



Build Dependencies

  • cmake 2.6
  • libasan3: for debug builds only
  • Java: optional for minifying .css and .js files

Unix Build Instructions

  1. Install dependencies: cmake, libmpdclient (dev), OpenSSL (dev) and Java are available from all major distributions.
  2. Build and install: cd /path/to/src; ./ (toplevel directory of myMPD tarball).
  3. Link your mpd music directory to /usr/share/mympd/htdocs/library and put folder.jpg files in your album directories ( tries to do this for you).
  4. Configure your mpd with http stream output to use the local player.


Usage: ./mympd [/etc/mympd/mympd.conf]

The ./ script tries to install a systemd service file. If this failes you can copy the mympd.service file from /usr/share/mympd/ to appropriate distribution specific location.


  1. Create ca and certificate /usr/share/mympd/ ( does this for you).
  2. Set ssl=true in /etc/mympd/mympd.conf (use default certificate under /etc/mympd/ssl/).
  3. Import /etc/mympd/ssl/ca/ca.pem in your browser to trust the certificate.
  4. myMPD redirects http requests to https, ensure that myMPD hostname is resolvable.


myMPD: 2018-2019

ympd: 2013-2014

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