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Welcome to the JCrypTool Wiki!

Our wiki contains the latest and most important information for JCrypTool Core and JCrypTool Crypto developers and can be extended with information by any project member.

This wiki is intended for plug-in developers. Basic information for end-users on using JCrypTool functionality is available in the User Guide section in the JCrypTool help included in every release.

Need more help? Visit us in our IRC channel jcryptool on freenode. Or join us in the JCrypTool Users Group or JCrypTool Developers Group (our preferred way of communication). We will be happy to assist you with any problem or question you might have!

Project Ideas

Interested in developing a plug-in for JCrypTool and in becoming part of the growing JCrypTool community? Have a look at our Project Ideas page to see what's already going on and where we are looking for help.

Release Overview

Our Release Plan shows an overview, the Release Information shows details about each JCrypTool release.


JCrypTool developers should have a look at the following pages in our Documentation section before developing their first plug-in.

Weekly Builds

Interested in the latest JCrypTool version including the latest crypto plug-ins? JCrypTool weekly builds are available in our portal. Please keep in mind that these builds are not really tested and often contain incomplete or brand new features that do not reach the quality of an official release yet. Of course your feedback (feature ideas, bug reports) is very welcome and appreciated!

Weekly builds are uploaded automatically every Saturday morning. These builds are only available as direct download, not via our update site used by the milestone and release versions of JCT.

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