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JCrypTool Core

The JCrypTool Core repository contains all plug-ins required to run JCrypTool: the bare runtime, editors, crypto providers and some basic views. Core features, dependencies as well as the build projects are included in this repository too.

This core platform is extended by the crypto plug-ins available in the JCrypTool Crypto repository.


Every developer is welcome to join the JCrypTool community. Have a look at our wiki to see how you can join our growing community.

More Information

Have a look at our wiki for more information, especially the Getting started as a JCrypTool Developer page. Feel free to ask any question you might have in our gitter chat.

General information on the CrypTool and JCrypTool projects is available in the CrypTool portal.


JCrypTool downloads are available as weekly builds (containing the newest features, may are unstable, built automatically based on the develop branch) and as release builds (stable).


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