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GIT Web Terminal

This project was created using isomorphic-git and other libraries, you can check which ones was used when you follow this link that will execute credits command in terminal.

First version of the app was created on codepen.


Steps to make changes to remote git repo (tested with github):

  1. clone repo using git clone (using https url),
  2. cd to directory,
  3. edit file using vi or emacs,
  4. use git login and put your credentials (user/pass is for push and the rest is for commit),
  5. use git commit -am "message" or git add -A then git commit -m "<MESSAGE>",
  6. use git push to push your changes to remote.

Web app viewer

If you're working on web app you can open it from browser just prefix the path with __browserfs__ the app is using service worker to serve files from browser fs. So if you clone this repo you will be able to view the local file using If you open directory that don't have index.html it will display page with directory listing like normal web server.


To see list of contributors you can check credits command.


Proxy used to fetch files from remote repositories is located on my hosting You can read the source code of that file here (it's in commit because I've needed to delete it because of GPL license).


Licensed under MIT license

Copyright (c) 2018 Jakub Jankiewicz


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