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Source files used for an introduction to Twisted
Python Haskell Erlang
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Proceed at a more leisurely pace
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async-client Add back inner loop, without infinite loop bug.
basic-twisted Remove redundant import.
blocking-client Do not use 'bytes' as a variable name (thanks Alexei Romanoff).
blocking-server Proceed at a more leisurely pace
deferred-cancel Cancel example.
deferred-list DeferredList examples.
erlang-client-1 Fix compile mode.
haskell-client-1 Jason Knight's improvement.
haskell-client-2 Simplify.
images Tweak.
inline-callbacks Inline callbacks stacktrace.
poetry Use simple quotes.
solutions Add solution for Part 8, number 1.
tests Fix for Windows. Thank you Nathan!
twisted-client-1 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-client-2 Use getPeer to print peer information, thank you Fredrik!
twisted-client-3 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-client-4 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-client-5 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-client-6 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-client-7 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-client-8 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-deferred Simplify examples.
twisted-failure Failure examples.
twisted-server-1 speling
twisted-server-2 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted-server-3 Refactor.
twisted-server-4 Windows fixes from Thomas.
twisted/plugins Add title.
.gitignore Ignore dropin.cache
LICENSE Update copyright date.


These are the supporting files for an introduction to Twisted
and asynchronous programming in Python located here:

Dave Peticolas <>
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