A MATLAB-based educational bridge between theory and practice in robotics.
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bundled Changed license on a bundled software, since that software has change… Feb 15, 2013
java/edu/gatech/gritslab Added in K3Driver from 4555-sp13. Mar 28, 2014
manual Merged old and new manual. Linked to GitHub instead of Coursera. Mar 28, 2014
.gitignore Added a .gitignore file for MATLAB editor's backup files, and a new Nov 22, 2012
AUTHORS Added AUTHORS file for credit. Feb 15, 2013
LICENSE Changed license from GPLv2 to BSD 3-Clause with consent of all contri… Feb 15, 2013
README.md Revert "Added AUTHORS to credit the original creators of the icon set." Aug 21, 2013
launch.m Tested with a BBB and QuickBotRun.py. Mar 11, 2014
settings.xml Merging Coursera's QuickBot into the master. Mar 28, 2014
simiam.mlappinstall Adding app package. Mar 28, 2014
simiam.prj Adding app package. Mar 28, 2014



A MATLAB-based Educational Bridge Between Theory and Practice in Robotics.