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Parallel Vundle Installer

A Python script to install Vim plugins managed with Vundle.

Why not just Vundle

I love Vundle, the declarative approach to plugin handling that it provides, that I can update, install, and activate immediately from Vim. It's awesome. I've been a Vundle contributor for a while now. Vundle, all written in vimscript, works everywhere with no other dependencies than git.

But the installer drives me crazy, it's too slow.

I only work with Linux boxes, and the most popular scripting languages are always installed. So I could use some other alternatives, like junegunn/vim-plug, which relies on Ruby. But I really like Vundle, and I want to keep using it.

What this script does

I wrote this python script that runs Vim briefly to fetch the list of plugins you are managing with Vundle, and then spawns a number of concurrent install/update operations.

It's fast. A run with no updates took 52 seconds with Vundle and only 6 seconds with this installer.

I figured I'd share it.


By default, the script runs as many concurrent jobs as CPUs your box has, which is okay, but not too fast.

By default, plugins are installed in some directory under /tmp, for safety.

So, try a proper run with:

./pvi -j 32 -b "$HOME/.vim/bundles"