The JGroups project ported to be compatible with Android.
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                     ----- JGroups_Android -----

This is an Android compatible version of the JGroups project.
The original project can be found at

I based my implementation on Yann Sionneau's port of JGroups v2 which can be found

                     ----- Notable Changes -----

The most drastic change was the removal of any code that referenced JMX (*)  There is currently no support for this on Android.  I replaced some of the code with Android equivalent code where I could.  (Thread Count and Heap Size queries)

                     ----- Instructions for Use -----

The .jar file found in the dist directory can be placed in the /libs directory of an Android project.

Many Android devices do not have support for sending and receiving multicast packets so I would recommend using the BPING protocol if possible.  The configuration file at /dist/udp_bping.xml can be used to configure a JChannel to use the BPING protocol.