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A set of codecs for python that are useful to have for CTF or general hacking.
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Hacker Codecs

This is a set of codecs for decoding and encoing things related to hacking and hacking CTFs. Specifically this was designed originally around the fact that decode('bin') doesn't exist in the standard library and there are times (especially in a CTF) where this is extremely convinient.

Later 'morse' was added to easily encode and decode morse code without needing to do it (as) manually.

The 'ascii85' codec was added specifically for PDF parsing in forensics challenges. This could be used, for example, with python-magic to check if a string inside of a PDF is actually a file of a specific type.

The 'url' and 'entity' codecs were added as a quick way to encode and decode data for web hacking.

'y' is a stripped down 'yenc' as used for NNTP. Headers and footers are not included, they will need to be handled elsewhere.

Other encodings may have been added, a full list is avaliable by reviewing the code.

As I run across, or am told about other obscure encoding methods I will continue to add to this library.

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