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mwsd - MicroWave Synthesizer Display
Copyright 2018-2020 by Jeanette C. <>

mwsd is a small cross-platform utility to show the Waldorf Microwave II/Xt's
display contents on a computer screen or display direct MIDI/SysEx data.
It is a terminal application using ncurses to display basic windows.
It is known to run on Linux and Mac OS X. Windows is not (yet) supported.
If you need Windows support, please get in contact.
The software was designed to assist blind users of the Microwave II/XT
synthesizer to enjoy their instruments, but it can also be used for remote

	* Autodetect MicroWAVE II/XT
	* Manual setup of a synth (MIDI input/output and device ID)
	* Show MIDI or SysEx (this should work for other synths too)
	* Show the display of the Microwave II/XT

The software probably WON'T handle multiple Microwave II/XTs in a daisy chain
(one connected to the other), certainly the probe/autodetection won't.
If they have different device IDs, you can still set them manually.
If no MIDI device is found, the software won't start.
When a MIDI error occurs, the software will quit gracefully. This could be
loss of connection to your MIDI interface.

A hardware MIDI interface (USB/Firewire, PCI,...)
	ncurses - for output to the screen
	RtMidi - for MIDI I/O
	boost_program_options - to read commandline options and the config file
	boost_filesystem - to deal with the configuration file and resource folder
	The rest should be system standard
Standard development tools (a c++ compiler, linker, make, etc.)
CMake - to build the software
	(Compilation was tested with g++ versions 7.2.1, 10.0 and Clang)

(NOTE for Mac beginners: in the file for_mac_users.txt you will find an easy
	guide to install all the requirements and mwsd itself)
mwsd uses CMake to build the software.
Following these steps will build and install the software:
cd mwsd
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License
(GPL) version 3. It is free software. For further details see the file

I would like to thank the MilkyTracker project and Dale Winham in particular
for his FindRTMIDI cmake module, which I borrowed from MilkyTracker.

There are no known issues at the moment. If you suspect a bug, please send
an e-mail to me at: and mention mwsd in the subject.

Thank you and enjoy the software!


Waldorf MicroWave XT Synthesizer Display: show the Microwave's display content or straight MIDI/SysEx data on your computer and save data (sound, wavetable, etc.) dumps.




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