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Build Status License: GPL v3

Jease eases the development of content- & database-driven web-applications with Java.

New branch of Jesae with Relational Database released with name JeasePlus

Home Page


Demo Admin panel

Getting Started

1) Prerequisites

  • Download and install a recent Java SE Development Kit (Java SE JDK) or OpenJDK. Please note: You'll need a full Java Development Kit (JDK), a simple Java Runtime Environment (JRE) won't work.
  • Check your environment-variables: JAVA_HOME needs to point to the root-directory of your JDK.

2) Install

3) Start

  • Linux: Open a terminal and enter:
    jease/bin/ run
  • Windows: Navigate to "jease -> bin" and double-click:
    startup (= startup.bat)

4) Setup

  • Open your browser and call:
  • Choose a name, login and password for the administration account. The password must contain at minimum 8 characters with mixed case, digits and symbols.
  • Now you're redirected to the login-page. Enter the login and password for the newly created administrator.
  • Have fun...

5) Login

6) (Optional) Config Solr

For use solr in your environment please read this tutorial:


Jease eases the development of content- & database-driven web-applications with Java. Out of the box Jease provides an Ajax-powered Content-Management-System (CMS) which makes use of drag & drop to organize content.

  • A relational database that holds blog posts and users.

This project is just meant to be a demonstration, therefore it is neither well documented nor well tested. Use it to learn about the technologies used, but do not use it for productive applications.

Any feedback is welcome, and I will incorporate useful pull requests.


  • DB4O db4o or Perst or ZooDB as object-oriented persistence engines
  • Lucene Lucene as high performance indexing and search technology.
  • Bootstrap
  • ZK ZK as component- & event-driven Ajax-Web-Framework.
  • Solr Apache Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene™.


Make sure Maven >= 2.2.1 is installed on your system. Go into the project dir and type mvn clean package, then deploy war file generated in target folder on a java webserver like tomcat and then point your browser to http://localhost:8080.


Please Join us Jease User Group at GoogleGroup!forum/jease


  • Add configuration properties file
  • Change admin UI framework from zk to jsf based ui
  • Update lucene and use solr based search (Completed #141)
  • Add Shopping service and shopping cart
  • Add Email support
  • Add seo Setting (Completed #140 )
  • Add new responsive themes (Completed #133)




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