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The Polipo caching HTTP proxy
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.gitignore Add polipo.exe to gitignore.
.hgignore add a .hgignore inspired by .gitignore
CHANGES Fix Warning header syntax (fixes #78)
COPYING Update copyright date.
INSTALL Update website address.
Makefile support for msvc (2010 tested)
README Update website address.
README.Windows Tweak README.Windows.
atom.c Fix usage of va_copy.
atom.h Make atom refcounts 32 bit long.
auth.c Update copyright notices.
auth.h Update copyright notices.
chunk.c change from MINGW to WIN32
chunk.h Remove non-portable #warn directive.
client.c Fix Warning header syntax (fixes #78)
client.h Update copyright notices.
config.c Avoid warning in parseConfigFile.
config.h Implement CONFIG_PASSWORD.
config.sample Added "proxyOutgoingAddress" parameter to specify outgoing IP on mult…
dirent_compat.c support for msvc (2010 tested)
dirent_compat.h support for msvc (2010 tested)
diskcache.c Fix bug in urlDirname that prevents disk writeout.
diskcache.h Remove support for non-writable disk cache entries.
dns.c Fix unused function warning
dns.h Update copyright notices.
event.c Flawed logic in timeval_minus
event.h support for msvc (2010 tested)
forbidden.c Fix non-portable use of NULL.
forbidden.h Add support for forbidden tunnels.
forbidden.sample Add comment to forbidden.sample.
fts_compat.c support for msvc (2010 tested)
fts_compat.h support for msvc (2010 tested)
ftsimport.c Define _GNU_SOURCE in import files.
ftsimport.h Import polipo--devel--0--base-0.
http.c Fix typo in Ruben's patch.
http.h added support for DELETE method
http_parse.c added support for DELETE method
http_parse.h Export atomContentType and atomContentEncoding.
io.c Fix socklen_t warning
io.h Prototype refinements.
local.c Fix error handling in httpLocalRequest.
local.h Implement disableConfiguration and disableIndexing.
localindex.html Import polipo--devel--0--base-0.
log.c Fix usage of va_copy.
log.h support for msvc (2010 tested)
main.c Fix typo when writing pidFile.
md5.c Import polipo--devel--0--base-0.
md5.h Import polipo--devel--0--base-0.
md5import.c Define _GNU_SOURCE in import files.
md5import.h Import polipo--devel--0--base-0.
mingw.c support for msvc (2010 tested)
mingw.h Fix pid_t redefinition error
object.c Don't revalidate objects >= CHUNK_SIZE that aren't in disk cache.
object.h Make object keys NUL-terminated.
parse_time.c Remove useless includes from parse_time.c.
parse_time.h Update copyright notices.
polipo.h Drop support for systems without va_copy. Tweaks to man page.
polipo.texi added support for DELETE method
server.c added support for DELETE method
server.h Move dontTrustVaryEtag to http.c.
socks.c Merge remote-tracking branch 'HeinrichHartmann/SocksAuth'
socks.h Implement support for SOCKS4a parent proxies.
tunnel.c Fix error message for forbidden tunnels.
tunnel.h Add support for forbidden tunnels.
util.c Add support for musl, remove support for Linux libc5.
util.h Remove dead code.



Polipo is single-threaded, non blocking caching web proxy that has
very modest resource needs.  See the file INSTALL for installation
instructions.  See the texinfo manual (available as HTML after
installation) for more information.

Current information about Polipo can be found on the Polipo web page,

Further inquiries should be sent to the Polipo-users mailing list:


Please see the Polipo web page for subscription information.

Juliusz Chroboczek
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