A theme for HiDPI displays
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Gimp HiDPI

A theme to for HiDPI displays (Macbook Pro Retina / X1 Carbon).

I am (at the time of writing) running Gnome 3.18 and Gimp 2.8. Gnome handles scaling the UI pretty well but Gimp is lacking with the icons.

In summary, I just replaced the icons with flat-style SVGs and changed the background color.



1.) First, download the zip file of this repo.

2.) Then unzip it into your local Gimp themes folder:

$ unzip gimp-hidpi-master.zip -d ~/.gimp-2.8/themes/
$ mv ~/.gimp-2.8/themes/gimp-hidpi-master/ ~/.gimp-2.8/themes/gimp-hidpi/

3.) Then choose the theme in Gimp via Edit > Preferences.



The imagerc file was inspired by the sv32 icon theme:

Toolbar icons

The icons are from the GNOME Project. Specifically I found them here:

Background color


This repo: ISC

The icons: CC BY-SA 3.0