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Mirror Test

A project teaching computers to recognize other computers, funded by a residency with Impakt.

Note that this code is a work in progress and will likely remain a mess for while: apologies.


  • Automated Training
    Python script and other files for training OpenCV using lists of settings - useful for automating a variety of settings when you don't know exactly what will work best.
  • Book Files
    Files for the print-on-demand book.
  • CAD Files
    Various CAD files of ideas for taking images of computers from a variety of angles. 'Hot Shoe Mirror Bracket' was ultimately printed and used, the others are there for posterity.
  • Cascade Files
    Final cascade files used in the book.
  • Create Collection File For OpenCV
    A Processing app to select objects from a series of images, saving them into a "collection file".
  • Misc And Process Files
    Screenshots, utility scripts, and other miscellany.
  • No Black Pixels
    A processing app that loads an image and changes any fully-black pixels (0,0,0) to just slightly lighter (1,1,1) which allows black to be used as the background color in training.
  • Notes and Ideas
    Working notes, thoughts, citations, etc.
  • Test Cascade
    A Python app to load lots of cascade files and test them, applying ratings which are saved to a CSV file.
  • Training Instructions
    A detailed set of instructions for training OpenCV; right now a WIP.

- - -

[ all code available under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license - feel free to use but please let me know ]


Teaching computers to recognize other computers, funded by






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