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The uPortal mobile initiative from Jasig.
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Creative UMOBILE-87 implemented manual event listener for global orientation c… Jun 14, 2011


uMobile is the latest addition to the tried and true line of Jasig community open source projects.  As with all Jasig projects, this is 100% free and open source.  This project will offer a whole new user experience, while leaving institutions in the driver’s seat by providing a delivery platform that is built upon the proven enterprise-quality Jasig frameworks.

With uMobile, colleges and universities will be able to deliver customized content and functionality into branded apps that render on mobile devices (smartphones). Initial native support will be for the Android and iPhone. uMobile will enable a single code base to provide both browser-based and native-app functionality. Early features in uMobile will comprise of campus maps, directory, announcements, search, courses, course schedule, campus news/ RSS, and calendar. Native device integration will include contacts, maps, and email composition. uMobile will boast technologies and development tools for authentication and authorization, user and group management, and layout management capabilities. These technologies and tools are built on the production-proven uPortal framework.
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