Some code for testing proposed Boost QVM library
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This is a small set of code intended to test the proposed Boost	QVM library, located at
QVM uses user-provided traits classes to enable it to wrap third party quaternion/vector/matrix classes and give them all a
common interface.  For me, this seems to offer some benefits, as I find myself doing conversions between classes supplied by,
e.g., OpenCollada (, Ogre3D (, Qt (, and CGAL (

In the current set of test code, I provide QVM traits classes for the Vector3, Quaternion, and Matrix4 classes of Ogre3D and
OpenCollada.  This is a real use case, as Collada is a 3D scene description language which can be used to supply data to
3D rendering libraries such as Ogre3D.  The libraries are somewhat heavyweight, but only small classes from them are used.

The test program is built using CMake; directions are provided at the top of the CMakeLists.txt file.