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updated the post install messaging.

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@@ -4,12 +4,18 @@ and other useful info can be found at:
Here's a post install checklist:
-* Setup the database for image processing (ActiveRecord only) by running:
+* Adjust your application.js & css files to not `require_tree .`
- rake mercury_engine:install:migrations
- rake db:migrate
+* Learn about, and change configurations in app/assets/javascripts/mercury.js.
-* Learn about, and make configuration adjustments in the mercury.js file.
+* If installed, you can make changes to the provided layout and css files too.
-* If installed, check out mercury.html.erb and mercury_overrides.css for more
- customization info.
+* If you want image processing and uploading (using paperclip by default):
+ rails g mercury:install:images (use --orm=mongoid for MongoDB)
+ bundle
+ rake db:migrate (if using ActiveRecord)
+* For a basic example of authentication for Mercury, install the example:
+ rails g mercury:install:authentication
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