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Welcome to the Mercury Editor wiki! This wiki covers off on some of the more technical aspects of Mercury. Check the readme for basic details like installation instructions, basic project information, and details about the Rails integration. Ask questions and get feedback using the Google Group.


  • Server Specification
    Saving, Image uploading, Snippets. The server specification, for you enterprising developers interested in integrating Mercury with your preferred server technology.
  • Known Issues
    Each browser vendor has it's quirks, here's a breakdown of the more impactful issues, and what you can do to help mitigate them.
  • Mercury API
    If you're interested in writing a plugin, or if you're just curious to know more about how Mercury's architected, the API covers events and other useful tidbits.
  • Extending Mercury
    Want to add your own toolbar buttons and behaviors? Want to change existing functionality, or add your own custom region type?
  • Testing with Cucumber
    A quick intro for how to use Cucumber to test Mercury (with a scoping step for the content frame).
  • Support Libraries
    There are some cool libraries out there, and here are some we've integrated with that you might think are cool too.
  • Dependency Libraires
    Mercury has a few dependencies, and here's that list with links to their project pages.
  • Rails Integration Techniques
    Want to try out other methods of integration with your Rails app? This article covers that.
  • Using Mercury without Rails
    Not using Rails? Mercury can be used without Rails, and here's a good place to get started.
  • Localization & Translations
    Need internationalization? Maybe internationalisation? Read more about Mercury's localization features here.
  • Snippets
    More about how to setup snippets.
  • Mercury & Twitter Bootstrap
    Using Mercury in an application that already uses a CSS framework, such as Twitter Bootstrap?
  • OSS projects using Mercury
    A list of open source projects that use mercury.
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