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Gist Inclusion #32

iamgabeortiz opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Is it me or did something change?

This doesn't work {% gist 8d38d89e7cba8dbaad61 %} @example

But this does {% gist iamgabeortiz/8d38d89e7cba8dbaad61 %} @example

Eventhough all my gists are Public. According to Jekyll Templates that should not be the case. Of course I could be a newb. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jekyll member

Looks like that script isn't legit anymore. Looking into it...

Jekyll member

Hmm. I don't know much about the gist feature, but you're right, you have to include your username in the string. I'll make a quick pull request to update the docs. Thanks for the report!

@troyswanson troyswanson closed this
Jekyll member

And just like that, docs have been updated! That's how we roll here. :rabbit:

Jekyll member

Move fast and make things better.

@iamgabeortiz iamgabeortiz added a commit to iamgabeortiz/jekyll that referenced this issue
@iamgabeortiz iamgabeortiz Update gist.rb comments only
Strictly updated the reference to Examples and Valid Syntax to be inline with jekyll/jekyll-help#32
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