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MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Auto-Сlustering with Embedded Load Balancing and Replication Types Selection

MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Auto-Clustering solution is packaged as an advanced highly available and auto-scalable cluster on top of managed dockerized stack templates.

The package includes Highly Available ProxySQL Load Balancer and Cluster Orchestrator to manage MySQL/MariaDB/Percona replication topology. And there is a choice between different MySQL/MariaDB/Percona replication types:

Simple MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Replication

  • primary-secondary(source-replica) - provides a good consistency (i.e. exactly one node to modify data), but no automatic failover upon primary failure. Secondaries can be read without impact on primary. This topology is previously known as master-slave
  • primary-primary(source-source) - operates with two primary nodes simultaneously, while other instances are configured as secondaries. This topology is previously known as master-master

MariaDB Galera Cluster

MariaDB Galera Cluster is a type of multi-master synchronous replication which is performed at a transaction commit time, by broadcasting transaction write set to all cluster nodes for applying with the following benefits:

  • No secondary lag
  • No lost transactions
  • Both read and write scalability
  • Smaller client latencies

Percona XtraDB Cluster

Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) is a solution for high availability and scalability for MySQL clustering. In a nutshell, it is the Percona implementation of Galera Cluster for MySQL. PXC comes with XtraDB storage engine (a drop-in replacement of InnoDB) and follows the upstream Oracle MySQL releases very closely with the following benefits:

  • No secondary lag
  • No lost transactions
  • Both read and write scalability
  • Smaller client latencies

Deployment to the Cloud

To get started, you can click the Deploy to Cloud button, specify your email address within the widget, choose one of the Virtuozzo Public Cloud Providers providers and press Install.


If you are already registered at Virtuozzo Application Platform(VAP), you can deploy this cluster from Marketplace.

Installation Process

In the opened confirmation window at VAP dashboard, choose MariaDB/MySQL/Percona replication type with appropriate cluster topology, state the Environment name, optionally, customize its Display Name. Then, select the preferable region (if several are available) and click on Install.

After successful installation, you’ll receive a number of default emails based on your environment topology with access credentials.

MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Managed Hosting Business

To start offering this solution to your customers please follow to Auto-Scalable Clusters for Managed Cloud Business