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  1. wordpress-cluster wordpress-cluster Public

    Enterprise WordPress Cluster for Auto Scaling, High Performance and High Availability

    JavaScript 58 51

  2. mysql-cluster mysql-cluster Public

    Scalable MySQL Cluster with ProxySQL Load Balancer and Orchestrator

    JavaScript 50 47

  3. minio minio Public

    Minio Cluster - S3 Compatible Object Storage

    JavaScript 46 16

  4. git-push-deploy git-push-deploy Public

    Simple Automated CI/CD Pipeline for GitHub and GitLab Projects

    C# 39 25

  5. java-memory-agent java-memory-agent Public

    Java Memory Agent for Container RAM Usage Optimization

    Shell 39 4

  6. magento-cluster magento-cluster Public

    Highly Available and Auto-scalable Magento Cluster

    JavaScript 30 24


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