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SilverStripe Helpers & Snippets for Sublime Text editor
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%loop.tmSnippet added new ss template snippets: loop, with
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add DatePickerField.tmSnippet
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add htmleditorfield.tmSnippet
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add textfield.tmSnippet init version
add tinyMCEfield.tmSnippet init version
allow_one.tmSnippet init version
belongs_many_many.tmSnippet init version
box.tmSnippet init version
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clear.tmSnippet init version
container 2.tmSnippet
controller init.tmSnippet init version
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create dropdown.tmSnippet init version
custom class.tmSnippet init version
db.tmSnippet init version
es_ES file.tmSnippet
function.tmSnippet init version
getcmsfields for popup.tmSnippet init version
getcmsfields.tmSnippet init version
getfrontendfields.tmSnippet added frontend fields snippets
group.tmSnippet init version
has_many.tmSnippet init version
htaccess.tmSnippet bugfix escape $ in content
if DOM exists.tmSnippet
image left.tmSnippet
image right.tmSnippet
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javascript popup images.tmSnippet
magia parte 1.tmSnippet init version
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new filefield uploadify.tmSnippet init version
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new textareafield.tmSnippet
new textfield.tmSnippet fixed repo breaking errors
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rename field.tmSnippet init version
require css front.tmSnippet init version
require css.tmSnippet init version
require customscript.tmSnippet
require javascript front.tmSnippet
require jquery dospuntocero.tmSnippet init version
require js.tmSnippet init version
require themedcss front.tmSnippet init version
require themedcss.tmSnippet init version
requirements block.tmSnippet
showqueries.tmSnippet init version
silverstripe-dataobject-class.tmSnippet dataobject class
silverstripe-page-subclass.tmSnippet added page subclass snippet
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tinyMCSField configuration.tmSnippet init version
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translate backend.tmSnippet
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wrapper div.tmSnippet

SilverStripe Snippets & Helpers for Sublime Text editor

Set of nifty and helpful SilverStripe snippets and helpers for awesome Sublime Text editor

Maintainer Contacts

  • Milan Jelicanin [at]


  • SilverStripe 2 or 3
  • Sublime Text 2 or 3

Installation Instructions

Manual installation

  • Click in Sublime Text app Main Menu on Preferences / Browse Packages
  • Clone or download this git repo into your Sublime Text packages folder
  • Restart Sublime Text app

Automatic installation

  • Use awesome Package Control
  • Press CMD+SHIFT+P and find "Package Control: Install Package" command
  • Find this module in list and install it
  • Restart Sublime Text app


Thanks to dospuntocero for TextMate bundle with awesome snippets.

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