Plugin for Apple’s that adds support for Gmail-ish keyboard shortcuts.
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Adds Gmail-esque keyboard shorcuts to This is still very much a work in progress. Tested with Mail from 10.11 up to 10.12.4 Beta.

Supported Shortcuts

cCompose new message
aReply All
sFlag (Star)
lCopy message to folder (opens dialog)
mMove message to folder (opens dialog)
jGo to previous message/thread
kGo to next message/thread
gGo to folder (opens dialog)
/Mailbox search

How to install

  1. Grab the latest build from the Release page, and unzip to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles
  2. Enable plugins: defaults write EnableBundles -bool true

How to build

  1. Load up the project in Xcode.
  2. Run the build, this should automatically create ~/Library/Mail/Bundles (but you may need to create this).
  3. Enable plugins: defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
  4. Relaunch Mail.


The project has become a weird mix of both Gmailinator by Michael Lai and by Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft and later Marcin Pyla. I somewhat merged both projects to my preferences and rewrote parts of it to be compatible with later versions of Apple's

Finally, this project could not have been maintained by me done without the invaluable class-dump by Steve Nygard.