Jenkins' plugin to display an icon representing the trigger cause of a build.
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Jenkins' plugin to display an icon representing the trigger cause of a build.

See the wiki page for a more complete documentation.

What if I want to add, override, or disable a badge for some build cause?

  • Adding a badge for a cause defined in a public plugin should be straightforward: file a feature request in JIRA on the buildtriggerbadge component:

  • Adding a cause coming from a private/custom plugin, or overriding some badge is possible since version 2.0 :

Extend a BuildTriggerBadgeProvider, and implement the provide method to match your needs.

public class MyProvider extends BuildTriggerBadgeProvider {
	public String provideIcon(Cause cause) {
		if (cause instanceof SCMTriggerCause) {
			return "";
		return null;
  • Disable a badge for a given cause Let's say you want to disable the badge for the typical periodic timer (TimerTriggerCause), then just extends the BuildTriggerBadgeDeactivator extension point and deploy your plugin.

Example :

public class MyDeactivator extends BuildTriggerBadgeDeactivator {
	public boolean vetoBadge(Cause cause) {
		if (cause instanceof TimerTriggerCause) {
			System.out.println("Disabling badge for timertriggercause, yay!!");
			return true;
		return false;


If you are using Eclipse, please try and submit pull-requests using the code formatting rules provided. We're currently not strictly requiring it, but if it can unify the codebase at least a bit, that can only be for the better.