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Noting fix of JENKINS-31098 in #1882
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oleg-nenashev committed Oct 24, 2015
1 parent f53b529 commit e3b3638f76107c020fa43d545890329d92e2bcdf
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<li class="bug">
Revert trigger optimizations made in 1.621 by <a href="">PR 1617</a>.
(<a href="">issue 30745</a>)
<li class="bug">
Delegate CLI's delete-node command to the overridable <code>Computer.doDoDelete()</code> method.
Fixes the issue in OpenStack and JClouds plugins.
(<a href="">issue 31098</a>, regression in 1.618)
<h3><a name=v1.634>What's new in 1.634</a> (2015/10/18)</h3>

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