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WWPass Authentication Plugin for Jenkins CI

Plugin for Jenkins CI implements authentication via WWPass Keyset.

Note: This plugin is compatible with Jenkins CI version 1.542 or higher.

Plugin installation

  • Build a plugin from the sources:

    After cloning the jenkinsci/wwpass-plugin repo, use Maven to make HPI package: cd to folder where you put the downloaded sources and run the following command:

    mvn package -DskipTests

    Go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Advanced and upload the recently generated .HPI file from {sources}/target.

  • Install from Jenkins CI repo:

    Go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Availiable and search for "WWPass Authentication Plugin", check it and push one of the install buttons (according to your choice).

Plugin setup

First, you need to register at and get a Service Provider's personal certificate and key pair.

Plugin searches the certificate-key pair on the following paths by default:

Windows Linux
Certificate file C:/wwpass/wwpass_sp.crt /etc/ssl/certs/wwpass_sp.crt
Key file C:/wwpass/wwpass_sp.key /etc/ssl/certs/wwpass_sp.key

You may use this paths and names. If you want to use other paths and names for these files, change it in Jenkins settings (if you use WWPass authentication as a secondary realm, change these properties in Manage Jenkins > Configure System, or if you use it as a primary realm – in Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security).