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The FBG System is cross-browser compatible and device independent: Firefox 3.5+, Opera 11+, Chrome 11+, Safari 5+ and Internet Explorer 6+.
## Changelog
-* v1.0.0 (9/01/2011): Initial release of FBG.
+* v1.0.0 (9/22/2011): Initial release of FBG.
## Attribution
Many thanks to Richard Rutter, Ethan Marcotte, Paul Irish, Remy Sharp, Faruk Ates, Dan Cederholm, Nicolas Gallagher and Eric Meyer.
-## Changelog:
-v.1.0 : September 21st, 2011
## License:
### Components:
-* jQuery: MIT/GPL license
-* Respond.js MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses
-* HTML5shiv MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses
+* jQuery: MIT/GPL licenses
+* Respond.js MIT/GPL licenses
+* HTML5shiv MIT/GPL licenses
### License:
* The code and design are released into public domain and are free to use under Unlicense. [Unlicense](
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