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Opinionated Flask serverless starter kit
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Opinionated Serverless Flask

Comes with a lot of useful stuff ready to go.




brew install pipenv  # mac
python -m pip install --upgrade pip pipenv  # generic
npm i -g serverless

Create Project:

npx sls install --url --name myapp
cd myapp
make init  # install dependencies and initialize project

Python Virtual Environment:

pipenv shell  # activate python virtual environment

Do Stuff:

flask  # CLI commands
flask run --reload  # run flask dev server
npm install  # install serverless plugins
sls wsgi serve  # run flask server under serverless
sls deploy  # deploy serverless app
make deploy-dev  # deploy dev to AWS and reset database
make hooks  # install pre-commit hooks


createdb TEMPLATE
flask init-db  # recreate schema from models
flask seed  # populate with sample data

flask db  # other utilities

API Documentation:

Once your flask dev server is running:

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