Jetlang Remoting - asynchronous distributed messaging
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Jetlang Remoting project provides apis for connecting distributed systems. Jetlang provides a language agnostic wire level protocol and threading model for asynchronous distributed messaging. The library also contains client and server websocket implementations.

The latest version is available in the maven repository.


#WebSocket Features

  • Client and Server implementations
  • The jetlang core library is the only dependency
  • Websocket connections can subscribe and schedule jetlang events
  • Low latency
  • Minimal allocations
  • Non-blocking sends
  • Http Server
  • Ideal for microservices - embeddable, lightweight
  • Configurable threading - Single threaded for easy state management or use jetlang pool fibers for massive scalability

#Getting Started

#Jetlang Remoting Api Features

  • Language agnostic messaging protocol -
  • Stateful distributed sessions
  • Session heartbeating
  • Session lifecycles - Connect, Heartbeat, Session Timeout, Logout, Disconnect
  • Automatic reconnects
  • Asynchronous I/O with callbacks
  • Tight integration with Jetlang threading
  • Message format agnostic - binary, java serialization, json, thrift, etc.
  • Simple text topics
  • High performance
  • Embeddable - Client and Acceptor implementations
  • Distributed - No central server required.

#Getting Started