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Magento — Cloudflare — By JetRails

Interact with popular Cloudflare features though Magento's backend portal.


The user manual can be found in here. The user manual goes through the installation process as well as explains all the features that comes with this plugin. For furthur support, please email

Build System

This extension uses Gulp as it's build system. Gulp is a package that can be easily downloaded using NPM or Yarn. Once this repository is cloned, run npm install gulp -g followed by npm install or yarn install to install Gulp and all Gulp modules used within this build system. Please refer to the following table for a description of some useful Gulp commands. A typical Gulp command takes the following form: gulp <command>.

Command Description
init Creates build, staging, and distribution directories
clean Deletes build and distribution directories
bump Bumps version number in source files to reflect version found in package.json
build Builds and copies files from source directory to the build directory
deploy Copies files from build directory to the staging directory
watch Watches files in source directory and executes deploy on file change
package Updates package.xml with file hashes and packages extension into distribution directory

Docker Environment

This project comes with a docker-compose.yml and a docker-sync.yml file, which can be used to spin up a Magento 1 development environment. In order to use docker, please make sure you have Docker, Docker Compose, and Docker Sync installed. For information about configuring this docker environment, please refer to it's Github repository which can be found here.