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A Fable app that provides helpful tracking and reference aids for Car Wars, by Steve Jackson Games. Fable Car Wars is not affiliated with Steve Jackson Games in any way, and uses the Car Wars trademark without permission.
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Dev environment and tools


You'll be using the dotnet command to build and run this project, so it's essential. Make sure not to use dotnet 2.x, because it's so new that it can't build this month old project. I'm running dotnet 1.1.0 (although dotnet --version says it's 1.0.3, because dotnet versioning is a goddamn nightmare).


Yarn is a package manager for JavaScript. By default, Fable 1.0 uses it for package management. I don't think version matters here, just use the latest.

Code + Ionide

This one isn't actually required, but I've put some work into the setup to make using Visual Studio Code and the Ionide plugin a nice workflow. If you're using Code and Ionide you get tooltip support, Intellisense, Code Lens, and you can start the watch server by just pressing Ctrl + Shift + B (after doing package restoration, see following section).

However, if you decide to work without using Code, you can still build by following the directions below.

Build and running the app

  1. Install npm dependencies: yarn install
    • fsevents might fail to install. That's normal and fine.
  2. Install dotnet dependencies: dotnet restore
  3. Start Fable server and Webpack dev server: dotnet fable npm-run start
    • This step does have a fairly long startup time, so don't be worried if it seems like it might be hung for a few minutes.
  4. In your browser, open: http://localhost:8080/

Any modification you do to the F# code will be reflected in the web page after saving.

Technologies in use


There's a great F# tutorial available at F# for fun and profit.


Fable is the transpiler this project uses to convert F# into JavaScript. We're using the 1.0 beta, but the documentation at the website is still good enough.


Fable-elmish is a front end framework written for Fable and based off the Elm architecture (which honestly doesn't seem important enough to warrant its own name, since it's basically MVC). I like it because it lets you define your app view using F# that directly maps to HTML, so you can type check it and shit. The official documentation at their Github seems nice, but I haven't read it yet. This tutorial I found here was a decent tutorial, but they made their Fable setup by scratch and I hydrated mine from a template, so there are some differences (like their files being .fsx files and mine being .fs files).

To-do list

  • In the active game, don't make car modifications live until the Next Phase button is clicked.
    • Maybe. There are reasons to modify these stats immediately.
  • Everything should probably be collapsible.
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