Firefox add-on that makes it easy to copy link text and locations.
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CoLT (short for "Copy Link Text") is a tiny extension for Firefox which makes it incredibly easy to copy a hyperlink's associated text. For example, if I were to use CoLT to copy this link to my site, the copied text would quite literally be this link to my site.

CoLT also includes a means of copying both a link's text and URL at the same time. This feature is particularly handy for bloggers, web developers, or anyone else who finds themselves writing links to other places on the web. Users can create an unlimited number of custom formats for copying both the link text and location. All of the default formats are shown below:

Format Example
HTML Link <a href="">this link to my site</a>
Plain Text this link to my site -
BBCode [url=]this link to my site[/url]
Markdown [this link to my site](
Wikipedia [ this link to my site]
Rich Text this link to my site

CoLT places up a few menu items in the browser's context menu. To reduce clutter, each menu item is only visible when the context menu is opened by right-clicking a hyperlink. These menu items can also be hidden if you so desire.

Visit the official CoLT site for more information on this extension, including screenshots and detailed documentation.