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42FileChecker is a tiny bash script developed at 42 school for testing and checking files according to the rules of the subjects
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42FileChecker is a tiny bash script developed at 42 school for testing and checking the files according to the rules of the subjects.

The script is designed as a reminder:

  • author file terminated by a Line Feed
  • count and files name
  • code's standard
  • required and forbidden functions
  • macro definitions
  • static variables & functions declarations
  • makefile rules

Extra tests may also be performed:

  • memory leaks detection
  • speed test comparison
  • Unit Tests

Complete unit tests are handled through external frameworks whose sources are automatically downloaded, configured and updated in background when you run the script:

install & launch

git clone ~/42FileChecker
cd ~/42FileChecker && bash ./

You may also want to set an alias to run it from everywhere, even in your project path. Add this line of code at the end of your shell initialization file (e.g.: ~/.zshrc):

alias 42FileChecker='bash ~/42FileChecker/'

At launch, 42FileChecker invites you to get the latest version of the sources when available. You may just simply accept or skip the message.

non-interactive mode

The non-interactive mode enables you to launch a test suite without any prompt.
You must specify the two options --project and --path.
Here is an example of use with the project libft:

bash ~/42FileChecker/ --project "libft" --path "/Users/admin/Projects/libft/"


--project + $PROJECT

Required for non-interactive mode.
Specify the name of the project you want to test.
e.g.: bash ./ --project "libft".
Must be one of the following values: fillit, libft, libftasm, gnl, get_next_line, ft_ls, ft_printf, minishell.

--path + $PATH

Required for non-interactive mode.
This option has no effect when used without the option --project.
Specify the absolute path of directory of your project.
e.g.: bash ./ --project "libft" --path "/Users/admin/Projects/libft/".


Do not check for updates at launch.


Do not display color tags.


Disable timeout.

--no-disclaimer, --no-auteur, --no-author, --no-norminette, --no-leaks, --no-speedtest, --no-basictests, --no-makefile, --no-forbidden, --no-staticdeclarations, --no-libftfilesexists, --no-gnlmultiplefd, --no-gnlonestatic, --no-gnlmacro, --no-gnltofreeornottofree, --no-moulitest, --no-libftunittest, --no-fillitchecker, --no-maintest, --no-42shelltester

Disable a specific test.

supported projects

fillit libft libftasm gnl ft_ls ft_printf minishell
author file Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
norminette Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
makefile Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
forbidden functions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
extra functions Yes Yes
leaks Yes Yes Yes
speed test Yes Yes
unit tests Yes Yes Yes Yes
integration tests Yes Yes Yes

official team and credits

42FileChecker is an open source project distributed under licence Apache 2.0.

Originally developed by Jean Michel Gigault @jgigault, the team also is composed of:

logo credits

Edouard Audeguy
Illustrateur / Infographiste


If you want to be part of the project, to fix and to improve the 42FileChecker, please follow the guide lines Contributing to 42FileChecker, or if you want your own unit testing framework to be integrated in the 42FileChecker, just let me know at

42FileChecker has an online wiki that gives you tips and lessons in Bash programming.

Known Issues

  • At 42 school, when running the leaks test for the first time, a box can appear and prompt you for administrator username and password. Run the leaks command outside of 42FileChecker and enter exam and exam as username and password, then everything should go along.

other scripts

42FileChecker 42MapGenerator 42ShellTester
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