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Automatic activity time tracker application.
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Automatic activity time tracker application.

InFocus Logo

OS: Linux License: GPLv3 Status: Beta


InFocus is an automatic activity time tracker that monitors the currently focused window and stores the amount of time spent on it on a daily basis. The application was developed as a way to monitor my self, and rises from the concern that I may be trashing significant amounts of time on stuff that doesn't matters. So InFocus should help in the auto-evaluation of our daily work on the computer making it easier to make decisions concerning our daily schedule.


The application is developed in PHP and makes use of php's built-in webserver to host the user interface and uses chromium or firefox as a medium to display the web interface. Currently the --app flag of chromium is employed to get an experience more similar to that of a typical application.

Before using the application you have to fetch the composer dependencies by doing:

cd infocus
composer install


  • php - for interface and activity logger
  • php-sqlite - the php pdo extension to store activity data
  • chromium - to display the user interface (recommended)
  • firefox - to display the user interface (optional)
  • xprop - get active window
  • wmctrl - information of active windows
  • xprintidle - detect if the person is away from keyboard

If installing directly to system as root user:

cd infocus

The ./ shell script also supports de DESTDIR environment flag, which can be used to easily package the application for distribution by distro packagers.

cd infocus
DESTDIR=~/infocus/install ./


cd infocus
./ remove


To start tracking your daily activity is needed to launch the infocus logger by enabling the systemd infocus service for your user account.

systemctl --user enable infocus
systemctl --user start infocus

This will track all the applications that you use and how much time you spent on them. This information is stored on a sqlite database located on:


The web interface can then be launched from the applications menu.

CLI Usage

For help on the available infocus commands, at your shell just invoke:

infocus help


Overview overview

Applications applications

Activities activities

Inactivity inactivity

Preferences preferences

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