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Metrics for your storm cluster

StormCell integrates Metrics and Storm, providing a simple web console for your Storm workers.


HTTP routes available for each worker process:

  • /metrics: Prints all metrics for the VM. Supports ?pretty=true.
  • /healthcheck: Runs all registered healthchecks for the VM. Supports ?pretty=true.
  • /threads: Dumps all threads in the VM.
  • /ping: Prints "pong" if the process is alive.


  • Clone the source
  • Run mvn package in the project directory
  • Copy target/stormcell-0.2.0.jar to your supervisor nodes
  • Edit storm.yaml and add stormcell-0.2.0.jar or its containing folder to java.library.path
  • Edit storm.yaml and add "org.jodah.stormcell.StormCellTaskHook"
  • Restart your supervisors


By default, the web console ports for each worker will be based off of the worker port numbers, starting at 7000:

webConsolePort = 7000 + (workerPort % 100)

To configure specific web console ports for each worker, edit storm.yaml to include worker.webconsole.ports that correspond to each worker port (keyed by worker port):

  6700: 7000
  6701: 7001
  6702: 7002
  6703: 7003


Thanks for Ooyala for the initial concept.


Copyright 2013 Jonathan Halterman - Released under the Apache 2.0 license.