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Simple two-way data binding for HTML/JavaScript
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Simple two-way data binding for HTML/JavaScript

I wondered how hard it would be to make a simple set of data binding tools that functioned similar to Angular's basic directives, so I decided to give it a shot.

Attributes supported:

  • stck-bind
  • stck-if
  • stck-repeat with internal stck-bind

Event bindings:

  • stck-click
  • stck-focus
  • stck-change

Bells and whistles:

  • Two-way binding for input, select, textarea, etc.
  • One-way binding for div, span, p, etc.
  • Tries to support older browsers with the addition of (
  • Deep properties are supported (e.g. stck-bind="").
  • Fairly efficient expression monitoring for stck-if.

Very alpha. Almost totally untested!

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