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WordPress Plugin. Geo Masala. Add interactive Leaflet Maps to your blog. A new block for gutenberg: 'Geo Masala Map'
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WordPress Plugin

Highly customizable Map Block for Gutenberg, based on Leaflet

Further information: ./dist/trunk/

I'm hungry, cycling around the world and Geo-Masala is coded while sitting wet in a tent during Monsoon somwhere in south himalaya. I appreaciate any kind of donation or sponsorship.

How to install:

Geo-Masala is available in the official WordPress Plugin repository. You can install this Plugin the same way you'd install any other plugin.

To install it from this GitHub Repo:

  • download the latest distributed version from ./dist/trunk
  • rename trunk to geo-masala
  • upload to your plugins directory and activate

To test the latest commit or make code changes yourself:

  • Clone, fork or download the repository
  • This Plugin and its development environment are based on generator-pluginboilerplate v1.2.0. Check the generator readme for documentation.

'Geo Masala Map' Block Gutenberg

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